For the second week of our Hallowe'en Month we bring you Bryan and Ricky's investigation of an actual Haunted House!  Back in May the guys were invited by Canadian Paranormal Investigators The Searcher Group to accompany them on a full investigation of a real-deal Haunted House just outside of Toronto.  Listen in as the guys learn the tricks and tools of the trade as well as experience a whole bunch of ghostly encounters that leave them utterly convinced of the existence of Spirits and Ghosts!

A huge thanks to Peter Roe and James McCulloch for showing us the ropes in Paranormal Investigations and to Searcher Group Leader Richard Palmisano for founding the whole thing!  To find about more about The Searcher Group check them out over at

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  • Hi Cathy P. Good ears! Sounds like you enjoyed the latest book - our most detailed documentation of an investigation yet. Unfortunately, because the location described there is privately-owned, not much historical background could be divulged without giving it away to the public (and hence, leaving it vulnerable to trespassers, vandals, would-be ghost hunters, seance-holders, etc.). Though that location is also in Halton Hills, the house investigated by CCiA is actually far from it, across the county. We do wish the Google people weren't so uppity about the original pic they took, as that was an amazing capture. The people from Sony were less-than-helpful, too. Thanks for chiming-in on this podcast! : )

    posted by: Peter Roe on 2015-01-13 15:07:36

  • Right after the 1:33:16 very clear "ghost bo...", Peter says "would you like us to get out?" and immediately after I can hear a voice saying "out", but I guess since that's only one word it doesn't really count? I was amazed at how clear the spirit box voices are! No wonder (in the book, Meeting Place...) Richard Palmisano can identify individual voices as young, old , male, female, etc. Very cool! [By the way, I really wanted to see the property investigated in that book and was mad that Google took its earlier picture off its site. So I started hunting for it using clues in the book. This podcast's location seems to be one and the same as "The Meeting Place of the Dead".

    posted by: Cathy P. on 2014-10-27 17:50:11

  • Me again. Listening to the investigation podcast (and proving even a detail-oriented data analyst is not infallible), I picked up on two more EVPs-of-interest. Check out 01:31:24 and hear an older woman demand to know 'Who are these two?' (probably referring to Bryan and Ricky, the newbies). Next listen-in at 01:33:16 when I switch the Spirit Box sweep direction, a male starts to say, 'Ghost Bo[x]' which is another name we use for this re-purposed radio device. Good stuff! : )

    posted by: Peter Roe on 2014-01-24 18:58:45

  • Quite possibly the most accurate (audio) example of the true nature of paranormal investigation this side of 'Ghost Mine'! Thanks, guys! :) PS. James lies. Habitually.

    posted by: Peter Roe on 2014-01-05 22:13:47

  • Loved the podcast guys and enjoyed working with the two of you that night. Hopefully we can do this again. James

    posted by: James McCulloch on 2013-10-15 18:53:25

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