This week the boys give you a crash course in the urban legend: Bloody Mary.  You may want to listen with the lights on...muwhahah...or not.

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Crash Course in Rods

More specifically the phenomenon known as "Rods" or "Roswell Rods". Listen to Ricky and Bryan discuss theories, leading experts, and ultimately reveal what the heck these things are!

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Without any preperation before hand, Ricky is confronted with a series of theoretical real world Survival Situations (set up by the diabolical Bryan) and has to figure his way out of them.  Bryan also describes different recommended ways out of the same problems Ricky is faced with as they go.  Will Ricky survive these dire situations?  STAY TUNED!

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Crash Course in 'Action Park'

Hear about the shockingly dangerous New Jersey amusement park 'Action Park' that kicked the crap out of it's patrons from the late 70's into the 90's.  Action park was home to some of the most insane rides and attractions you've ever heard of in a legit summer amusement park!

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