Ricky and Bryan continue their brief vacation over the holidays and so there's one last rerun of a favorite episode from 2012 posted here for you in their absence!  Have an awesome New Years and see you all in 2013!

Bryan and Ricky get extra spooky as they give you a Crash Course in some real life haunted places from around the world!  The boys picked some really creepy ones so be sure to turn off all your lights and listen to this episode right before bed, just to be safe!  Now tune in and prepare to creep yourself out!

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Hope everyone's holidays are going great! As the guys mentioned in some of the episodes leading up to this week, Bryan and Ricky were taking some time off for the holidays so here's a favourite Crash Course of theirs; Garbage Pail kids!

  Join Ricky and Bryan as they get down and dirty to give you a Crash Course in all things Garbage Pail Kids;  those extremely gross but oddly lovable trading cards from the 1980's.  So tune in to find out their history including a movie review and a list of our favourites!

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In part two of Ricky and Bryan's wrap up the guys review the second half of 2012 and discuss more of their favorite parts, update information on past shows and even answer some questions that'd been left un-answered!  And stay tuned for the much embarrassing blooper reel!  We hope you guys enjoyed 2012 as much as we did and wish all the best to all you amazing listeners over the holidays!

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Well it's that time of year again where Bryan and Ricky recap on the episodes of the past year, with some added info and favourite moments!  So tune into this first part year end wrap up, and learn some new things on old topics and as always, have lots of laughs!

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It's December and so it's time to celebrate the holidays... with Santa's lesser known Demonic partner: KRAMPUS.  Bryan and Ricky delve into the history of this dark version of Christmas celebrated in some areas of Europe as well as talk about modern variations of this monstrous yuletide creature and even some other Xmas traditions that might seem strange or frightening to us North Americans!  So listen in, and for god-sakes be good during the holidays or face the terror that is Krampus!

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