This week the guys welcome back seasoned International Sports Broadcaster Andy McNamara to the show as he once again quizzes Ricky and Bryan on Sports trivia!  Listen in as the fellas further prove how little they know about sports thanks to a childhood of watching cartoons and avoiding the outdoors!  And even if sports aren't your thing, there are TONS of hilarious moments as these 3 clowns get bantering!

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This week the guys review an old favorite film franchise from their childhoods; 1984's Gremlins and the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch!  So tune in to hear tons of trivia on the first and second film as well as a bit of history on the legendary creatures themselves!

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The boys are back in 2014 and to start things off right they’ve got an episode all about not only the mythical Yeti, but a list of other large hairy Bigfoot like creatures from around the world!  From the Skunk Ape to the De Loys Ape, the Yeren and the Yowie Bryan and Ricky bring you stories of reported sightings as well as possible explanations for these famous Cryptids! 

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