Hey guys, well like we've been saying based on the new schedule this is the 5th Monday in the month so that means you guys get an oldie but a goodie!  Enjoy hearing about mullets again(or maybe for the first time) with a bit of new info thrown in there!  Enjoy!

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In this week's electrifying episode Bryan and Ricky discuss a much requested topic: the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla!  From his early life to the war of the currents against Edison to his later years and a bunch of insane inventions the guys go through it all and shed some light onto one of human kind’s greatest innovators and a real life Mad Scientist!

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Great Scott! Bryan and Ricky bring you a Crash Course in the 1985 time travel classic Back to the Future! 
Focusing primarily on the first film in the series, the guys give you the goods about the story, the making of, trivia and as always… the POP culture references!  That’s heavy!

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The boys are back from their summer break in this ALL NEW episode of CCIA!!  Since the school season is upon us once again, the guys thought it'd be fun and comforting to give you wonderful listeners some added dread in returning to school with some spooky haunted campus stories!  The fellas dug around the internet and found 6 spooky Colleges that are bursting with haunting tales of terror! So sit back in your quiet, probably safe dorm.. and enjoy!

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