So to finish off September, here's Ricky's pick for his beloved episode just in time for the start of October: Ghost Stories 2!  The boys put a lot of work into this one and it turned out great, enjoy!

Bryan and Ricky once again break from format and bring you a collection of scary stories from friends, returning contributers and listeners like you!  So lock your doors, turn down the lights and enjoy this spook-tacular Ghost Story special!

(A huge thanks goes out to everyone that contributed and helped us in the recording of this episode!)



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With only a few original episodes left in the show Bryan and Ricky are finishing off September with 2 beloved episodes from throughout the podcast and first up is Bryan's pick: the original 'Crash Course in Survival' all about Cars that started it all!

Without any preperation before hand, Ricky is confronted with a series of theoretical real world Survival Situations (set up by the diabolical Bryan) and has to figure his way out of them.  Bryan also describes different recommended ways out of the same problems Ricky is faced with as they go.  Will Ricky survive these dire situations?  STAY TUNED!

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Grab your shovels and tune in as the boys summon all of their courage to dig up a review of the 1987 cult classic; The Gate!  Get ready to hear all about the wicked special effects, the sequel, fun backmasking samples from pop culture, and tons of other fun facts in this hell-raising episode!


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After a long and restful summer Ricky and Bryan have been released from their cryogenic chambers to come back with a brand-spanking new episode for you fine listeners!

The Guys discuss mysterious humanoid shaped creatures and monsters that’ve been seen by people from all over the world from Werewolves to Owlmen to Frog People and even a Spring Heeled Jack for good measure they discuss a whole lot of weird beings!

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