Pile into your canoes and meet Bryan and Ricky in a remote African river bend as they explore the legends and evidence of the creature known as 'Mokele Mbembe' a creature believed to be a living Dinosaur that has somehow survived into the present day!  From the earliest reported sightings to the most recent expeditions around the Congo River Basin, the guys cover it all!

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Strange things are afoot at the 'circle k' as Bryan and Ricky give you a most excellent Crash Course in “The Great Ones”... of course they don't mean themselves, they mean Bill and Ted! So join the guys as they geek out over all things Excellent and Bogus!   

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Bryan and Ricky sit down to give you fine listeners a biography on comedy/parody music's golden boy: "Weird Al" Yankovic!  From his humble beginnings playing the accordion through his years blowing up on an early MTV all the way up until his top 10 Billboard hits of today the guys explain everything you need to know! 

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This week Bryan and Ricky give you a Crash Course in a pretty controversial paranormal phenomenon known as Stigmata; the rare event where a person suffers from the wounds that were said to have been inflicted on Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.  We assure you the episode is not as serious as this description of it!  Tune in!

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Bryan is at it again!  This week Ricky has to survive crashing on a deserted island.  Will Ricky train monkey butlers, eat oozing berries, or simply sob in the corner?  Tune in and find out!

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