This week the boys step back in time and go over some of their favourite childhood fads from the early to mid 90's; from "Fanny Packs" to "Devil Sticks" and much more, the guys reminisce on a simpler, more NEON-coloured time!

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Ricky and Bryan give you guys a Toofer of Cryptozoology today with an episode dedicated to both the Mythical North American Thunderbird and the terrifying Mongolian Death Worm!  What are these giant beasts said to look and act like, what's their history and how do they fit into the world of unknown creatures?  Tune in to find out!

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In this hilarious continuation from last week, international sports broadcaster Andy McNamara continues stumping Ricky and Bryan on all things sports; from basic facts to history, and trivia!  Tune in to hear how badly the guys do!

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This week Bryan and Ricky delve into a topic that they did not think would be interesting or entertaining what so ever and find themselves having an absolute blast.  Breaking from format, the guys are joined by seasoned International Sports Broadcaster Andy McNamara and Andy quizzes and then informs the boys on all sorts of real life Sports Trivia! 
This first part of the hilarious 2 part series features some general sports trivia to get the ball rolling and then gives you a crash course in Football and Hockey rules and history!
Trust us, it's super entertaining, even if it's just hearing how little Ricky and Bryan know about the world of Sports!

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