The guys give you a Crash Course in the 1980's cult classic 'The Toxic Avenger' from Troma Entertainment!  It's a gory, hilarious, gross-out low budget Super Hero Exploitation film!  So listen in as Ricky and Bryan discuss a brief history of Troma films and look at some different incarnations of Toxie, the Toxic Avenger!

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Ay, Caramba! In this girthy sequel of "The Simpsons" episode Bryan, Mitch and Ricky wrap up their number one favorite episodes and get knee deep in some heavy "Simpsons" debate!

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Bryan and Ricky welcome back Mitch as they count down their top 2 all time favorite episodes of The Simpsons (each) and give you some trivia and nerd out about some seriously classic episodes.  This is the first half of the count down, tune in next week for their number one episodes!

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Ricky once again has to think quick on his feet (well, in his chair) as Bryan hits him up with a series of Survival situations he has to figure his way out of!  Will he survive this trek through the wilderness?  You'll have to listen to his adventure to find out! (or skip ahead to the end, I guess.) 

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