This week the guys burst out their stone skin in excitement to talk about the amazing animated TV show Gargoyles! 

Not only do they discuss the show in its entirety, but they also give you a history lesson on the real stone Gargoyles you see on ledges of old cathedrals. 

So join Ricky and Bryan as they take a walk down memory lane and geek out about one of the best animated series to air on television!

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Have you ever felt that weird sensation that what you're saying or doing has happened identically once before?  Well then you're in luck because this week the guys scratch their heads at a phenomena that pretty much everyone has felt; Deja Vu!  So tune in to hear all the different scientific and crazy theories to explain this sensation, as well as tons more info in this mind melting episode!

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This week Bryan and Ricky bring you a brand new batch of Myths and Legends from all across Pop Culture!  From rumours of Elvis working for the CIA to the legend of the Original Tinman's death to Red Ranger Porn the guys answer all sorts of questions from Music, Movies, TV and even Video Games! 

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