This week the guys crawl out from their dark subterranean world and bring you a Crash Course in the legend of Mole People.  So grab your shovel and head lamp and join the guys as they DIG DEEP into this topic; from ridiculous concepts to actual people who live underground, the guys cover it all!

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After finding an old treasure map, Ricky and Bryan set off on a wild adventure to give you, the listeners, a complete rundown of all things GOONIES!  With a ton of trivia on the film, spin offs and a look at where the stars are now, the guys give you all the info you need to know about this definitive 80's kid adventure classic! 

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This week the guys discuss the strange and tragic case of Benjaman Kyle.  Seemingly left for dead, Benjaman was found unconscious behind a Georgia Burger King in 2004 and awoke to have Retrograde Amnesia, having no memories of who he was or where he was from.  To this day no one has any idea about Benjaman's origins and Bryan and Ricky try to help by telling his story, talking a bit about Amnesia itself and also speculate some of their own more 'out there' theories about where this man may have come from!
So give this episode a listen, look at his picture and help spread the word about this man and maybe we all can help him reclaim his identity! 
And better yet, if you think you know who Benjaman is contact him at or on his facebook at

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This week is a first for Crash Course in Awesome; the guys break out of their shells and do their very first interview!  Hope you listeners weren't sick of Halloween-type paranormal episodes because the guys got a chance to sit down and chat with Richard Palmisano and Peter Roe of "The Searcher Group" one of Canada's oldest Paranormal Investigation groups.  So sit back and learn how these guys got started and hear some of their creepy stories and EVPs(electronic voice phenomenon), all of this and more in this extra long episode!

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