This week the fellas start pumping some iron to bulk up and give you a CRASH COURSE in one of the most influential action movie heroes of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger!  So tune in and learn about his humble upbringing to his body building and movie careers and so much more!  Hasta la vista, baby!

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Once again the diabolical Bryan kidnaps Ricky and forces him to survive a series of real life survival scenarios- this time all situations you might find yourself in around your home!  Will Ricky be able to fight his way through some common household catastrophes, or will Bryan win in the end?  Tune in and find out!

Huge thanks Mark DiAngelo, CG Effex and Mike Koenig at and the folks at for the free sound effects!

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This week Bryan and Ricky dip into the old "Fan Grab Bag" to bring you episode ideas, requested by you fans, that might not be big enough for entire episodes of their own but work nicely as 3 bite-sized topics!  So join the guys as they discuss the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, the wacky old science of Phrenology and the hilarious world religion The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!  So tune in and keep the topic ideas coming!

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