In this hilarious continuation from last week, international sports broadcaster Andy McNamara continues stumping Ricky and Bryan on all things sports; from basic facts to history, and trivia!  Tune in to hear how badly the guys do!

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This week Bryan and Ricky delve into a topic that they did not think would be interesting or entertaining what so ever and find themselves having an absolute blast.  Breaking from format, the guys are joined by seasoned International Sports Broadcaster Andy McNamara and Andy quizzes and then informs the boys on all sorts of real life Sports Trivia! 
This first part of the hilarious 2 part series features some general sports trivia to get the ball rolling and then gives you a crash course in Football and Hockey rules and history!
Trust us, it's super entertaining, even if it's just hearing how little Ricky and Bryan know about the world of Sports!

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Hey gang, the boys are BACK with a BRAND NEW episode of Crash Course in Awesome! This week it's a Bio-piece on the life and struggles of Joseph Carey Merrick also known as "The Elephant Man". So tune in and learn a thing or two about not judging a book by its cover!  

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Bryan and Ricky sit down to give you fine listeners a biography on comedy/parody music's golden boy: "Weird Al" Yankovic!  From his humble beginnings playing the accordion through his years blowing up on an early MTV all the way up until his top 10 Billboard hits of today the guys explain everything you need to know! 

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Welcome listener to Crash Course in Awesome's 50th episode!!!  This week the boys delve deep into the dark realms of madness, and give an episode dedicated to all things Howard Philips Lovecraft; arguably one of the most influential Horror/Sci-Fi authors to ever pick up a pen.  So crack open your Necronomicon, whisper a quiet oath to the great Cthulhu and tune in!

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Come gawk at Ricky and Bryan as they give you a history of the Side Show!  From its classic beginnings with PT Barnum to its decline and then the Freak Show resurgance the guys explain it all, even featuring their very own 'best of' Ten in One Show counting down their favorite men and women that were classic Side Show attractions! 

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In this Doozy of an Episode Bryan and Ricky pick 30 phrases and slang terms used in every day life and explain what they mean and where they came from, it's the Cat's Meow!  If you've ever wondered why people say 'That was a Gas' or what they mean whey they say they like the 'Cut of your Jib' then tune in and find out!  The episode format is different, but the funny and interesting info is still The Bee's Knee's!

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The guys take a look back at one of the worst massacres in Canadian History and give you a crash course in what happened to the ever controversial Donnelly Family in 1880's Ontario. 

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