This week the boys finish off Hallowe'en month with another Hallowe'en survival! Ricky once again turns the tables on Bryan, and puts him through his twisted labyrinth of fear. Tune in to find out if Bryan survives Hallowe'en, or if Ricky's hellish imagination gets the best of him! Happy Hallowe'en!

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Don't you dare fall asleep during this episode as Bryan and Ricky give you a (fictional) Biography on one of Halloween's most memorable icons: Freddy Krueger!  From his twisted childhood to his horrific demise and his resurrection as the man that'll come kill you in your own nightmares, the boys cover it all!  And stay tuned after the bio for some A Nightmare on Elm Street trivia to round out the whole thing! 

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For the 3rd week of our Hallowe'en Month Bryan and Ricky once again break from format and bring you a collection of scary stories from friends, returning contributers and listeners like you!  So lock your doors, turn down the lights and enjoy this spook-tacular Ghost Story special!
(A huge thanks goes out to everyone that contributed and helped us in the recording of this episode!)

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For week 2 of Hallowe'en month, Bryan and Ricky get extra spooky as they give you a Crash Course in some real life haunted places from around the world! The boys picked some really creepy ones so be sure to turn off all your lights and listen to this episode right before bed, just to be safe. Now tune in and prepare to creep yourself out!

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It's October and that means it's an entire month of episodes dedicated to the strange, spooky and down right terrifying!  In this first episode Bryan and Ricky delve into the tragic and horrific events of the Dyatlov Pass incident where nine trained campers met horrible unexplained fates on a snowy mountain side in Soviet Russia in 1959.  What were they doing up there?  How did they die and what do people believe caused their mysterious deaths...?  Tune in and find out!

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