My god.  It’s happened.

The incantations from the Necronomicon were read aloud.

The blood sacrifices succeeded.

The stars were right. 

And David Lo Pan married a woman with green eyes. 

Bryan and Ricky have risen from the inky depths to do a nearly 2 hour Reunion episode for all you fine folks!

In the two years since finishing Crash Course in Awesome the guys have received a steady stream of messages, check ins and requests to return… to the point where it actually worked!  Join them as they re-learn podcasting and also catch you up with what they’ve been up to since the finale and what sort of stuff they’re into now!  Hear them discuss world travel, super powers and time travel! And lastly listen in as they give you listeners some updates on popular topics from previous episodes!

You guys asked Ricky and Bryan to come back in some form or another so give’er a listen and enjoy!  (Or don’t!  Everyone’s rusty! Maybe this’ll be one of those “be careful what you wish for” scenarios, who knows!)

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