Just in time for New Years the guys bring you the second Holiday Rerun episode of the year: Crash Course in Slender Man!
Ricky and Bryan delve into the mysterious entity known as The Slender Man!  From his seemingly harmless origins on the internet to how he’s seeped into pop culture and become a modern Boogeyman, they cover it all!  So lock yourself in somewhere safe, turn up the volume and enjoy the episode before he comes for  you!

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The boys are taking some time off for the holidays and airing a rerun of a favourite episode from earlier this year; Tales from The Crypt! Enjoy!

Hello boys and GHOULS, this week the guys take a trip down horror lane as they bring you a terror filled crash course in the classic franchise; Tales From The Crypt!  From the comics in the 50's all the way to the live action and animated series the ghoulish guys cover it all!

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Ricky and Bryan bring 2013 to a close with the second half of their Year End Wrap Up!  Starting with 'The Kraken & Mysteries from the Deep' and taking us all the way up to 'Survival: Trains" the guys discuss all the topics they covered and add new info and extra content along the way... and stay tuned for the annual Blooper Reel and lots of other fun material from the cutting room floor!


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Well it's that time of year again where Bryan and Ricky recap on all the episodes of this past 2013!  So tune in and take a trip down memory lane as the boys give you some behind the scenes stories and bonus material from 'Sports' all the way to 'Internet Celebrities 2' in this really long part 1 year end wrap up!

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