This week the boys surf the web and memory lane to bring you a "BIO-tastic" episode all about Internet Celebrities! So dial-up, log on, or whatever the heck else you do to get on the internet and learn all about the lives of some new and classic viral video stars!

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Ricky once again has to use his wits to survive a series of real life survival scenarios set up by the maniacal Bryan!  This time Ricky's been abandoned at sea and has to fend for himself against all odds!  Will he figure out how to live off the 'land' and make it out alive?  Listen in and find out! 

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Join Ricky and Bryan as they get down and dirty to give you a Crash Course in all things Garbage Pail Kids;  those extremely gross but oddly lovable trading cards from the 1980's.  So tune in to find out their history including a movie review and a list of our favourites! 

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Hey gang, the boys are BACK with a BRAND NEW episode of Crash Course in Awesome! This week it's a Bio-piece on the life and struggles of Joseph Carey Merrick also known as "The Elephant Man". So tune in and learn a thing or two about not judging a book by its cover!  

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