In this first of a 2 part year end wrap up Ricky and Bryan revisit the first 19 episodes of Crash Course in Awesome with some new additions to favorite episodes as well as some new bits of information that didn't originally make it to the show!  Mullets and Bigfoots and Bloody Mary's, oh my!

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In this special 8-bit episode, Bryan and Ricky welcome a new guest Matt to count down each of their top two favourite Nintendo games along with their choice of an obscure wildcard game! So fire up the ol' N.E.S, load your Nintendo Zapper and tune in!

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The guys go over a tricky topic this week, the Aquatic Ape Theory, which is a fringe sciencey idea that humans evolved from, at some point, an ape that lived in and around water.  It's an interesting theory, whether it's accurate or not, so give'er a listen!

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The boys give you a Crash Course on the amazing puppeteer Jim Henson!  So listen and learn a thing or two about an awesome man who inspired and entertained most, if not all of us at some point in our lives and who's vision still lives on today!

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