We take a special break from the usual format as Ricky and Bryan invite some friends to join them in telling their own personal ghost stories (from real life!)  Hallowe'en month comes to a close and the guys hope you enjoyed it!  Special thanks to Mark, Michelle and Logan for telling their spooky tales!

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Ricky turns the tables on Bryan and puts him through a series of -not so realistic- Hallowe'en Survival scenarios!  Listen as Bryan has to battles the things lurking in the shadows as well as the skimpy costume he's been forced to wear! 

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The boys continue 'The Mothman' series with a review of the film 'The Mothman Prophecies'  starring Richard Gere.  This is a film adaptation of the novel written by John Keel which documented the incidents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966. You can turn the lights back on for this one if you'd like.

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The boys creep each other out as they give you a Crash Course in 'The Mothman'; a creature which plagued the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia over a 13 month period from 1966-1967. So turn off the lights, let your guard down and take a listen!

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This week the boys give you a history lesson on our favourite city smashing monster, Godzilla! So tune in and take cover!

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