Attention S-Mart shoppers! Bryan and Ricky abandon their cabin in the woods and head back to middle ages in this second half of their Evil Dead extravaganza!

Picking up where they left off with Sam Raimi's 1992 classic; Army of Darkness! So tune in to hear loads of trivia on the film as well as, a Bruce Campbell mini biography, The Evil Dead Musical, the 2013 remake and so much more!  

Hail to the 'Crash Course' baby!

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This week Bryan and Ricky head off to a lonely cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an ancient and evil podcast episode that discusses Sam Raimi's incredible 1981 film The Evil Dead and also the 1987 follow up Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn! 

Listen in as they discuss the first two films in this terrifying and hilarious movie saga with trivia on the films as well as a brief biography on the film's incredible director Sam Raimi!

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The guys have been institutionalized because they've gone MAD for this weeks topic!  That's right, it's a Crash Course in all things Mad magazine!  

So tune in to learn all about the magazine's history, as well as all the fun characters, spinoffs, television shows and different contributions it's given us over the years to make our lives that much more pleasant!

Now take a listen and join the MADness!

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