Way back in 1908 there was an absolutely GIGANTIC explosion (1000 times bigger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima) in the middle of Siberia and no one is totally sure what caused it!  Join Ricky and Bryan as they go over what happened, what the effects were and discuss what in the world (or from out of this world...?) this event was caused by! 

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The guys review one of their favorite movies, the 1986 classic 'Big Trouble in Little China', starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter!  It's an incredible movie and Ricky and Bryan get to geek out while giving you some behind the scenes information and trivia!   So just do what Ol' Jack Burton does at a time like this, say 'what the hell' and listen in!

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The boys give you a Crash Course in a great event that happens throughout the month of November in which men grow mustaches to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research.  There's also some fun to be had as they list off different styles of mustaches as well as some of our favorite people who sport them!

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A quick heads up to you listeners, Bryan and Ricky are going to be reviewing the AWESOME 1986 John Carpenter movie 'Big Trouble in Little China' (starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall) so now's your chance to watch it before they go over the whole thing in a week and a half!  Enjoy!

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The boys bop their 'mop-tops' to The Beatles as they give you a Crash Course in the urban legend that claims the real Paul McCartney died in a horrific car accident in 1966.

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