Ladies and Gentlemen... we present to you the gigantic 2 hour Retrospective Finale of Crash Course in Awesome!  Bryan and Ricky sit down and interview each other about the highs and lows of the podcast as a whole with behind the scenes ‘reveals’, Ricky and Bryan’s never before heard earliest recordings and all sorts of fun, Loosey-Goosey conversation. 
We want to thank every single one of you that’s listened, supported and interacted with us over the years, we’re going to miss you all!  It’s been a hell of a ride!

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This is it folks, not only the final chapter in the Survival Series but this is episode #150, the final official episode of Crash Course in Awesome.  One last time Bryan puts Ricky through a series of real (and not so real) survival scenarios and Ricky has to fight his way through them to the final showdown with his tormentor: Bryan.   It’s a no holds barred slugfest to the end so tune in and enjoy!

(And just a heads up- you don’t NEED to have heard the previous episodes in this series to understand this episode but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to go back and give them a listen to pick up on some references!)

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On this second last episode of CCIA, the boys take a spooky step back in time and review the life and career of Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

With upwards of ten thousand investigations under their belt, Ed and Lorraine Warren paved the way in the paranormal investigative field and tackled some of the most popular hauntings in history!  The events of which have been fueling Hollywood with movie plots for nearly 40 years!

So sit back and get ready to get your Hallowe'en fix in this second last spook-tastic episode!

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So to finish off September, here's Ricky's pick for his beloved episode just in time for the start of October: Ghost Stories 2!  The boys put a lot of work into this one and it turned out great, enjoy!

Bryan and Ricky once again break from format and bring you a collection of scary stories from friends, returning contributers and listeners like you!  So lock your doors, turn down the lights and enjoy this spook-tacular Ghost Story special!

(A huge thanks goes out to everyone that contributed and helped us in the recording of this episode!)



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With only a few original episodes left in the show Bryan and Ricky are finishing off September with 2 beloved episodes from throughout the podcast and first up is Bryan's pick: the original 'Crash Course in Survival' all about Cars that started it all!

Without any preperation before hand, Ricky is confronted with a series of theoretical real world Survival Situations (set up by the diabolical Bryan) and has to figure his way out of them.  Bryan also describes different recommended ways out of the same problems Ricky is faced with as they go.  Will Ricky survive these dire situations?  STAY TUNED!

Direct download: CCIA_Survival_Cars_Rerun.mp3
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Grab your shovels and tune in as the boys summon all of their courage to dig up a review of the 1987 cult classic; The Gate!  Get ready to hear all about the wicked special effects, the sequel, fun backmasking samples from pop culture, and tons of other fun facts in this hell-raising episode!


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After a long and restful summer Ricky and Bryan have been released from their cryogenic chambers to come back with a brand-spanking new episode for you fine listeners!

The Guys discuss mysterious humanoid shaped creatures and monsters that’ve been seen by people from all over the world from Werewolves to Owlmen to Frog People and even a Spring Heeled Jack for good measure they discuss a whole lot of weird beings!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_147_Humanoid_Cryptids.mp3
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Crank up the Little Richard and GET TO THE CHOPPA as Bryan and Ricky finish ‘Arnold Movie Month’ with their review of… PREDATOR! Tune in to hear about the making of the 1987 sci-fi/action classic, the sequels and the endless pop culture references!

And with that we want to wish you all a happy summer holiday as the guys are taking July and August off for a quick Summer Vacation!  Seeya in September!

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In this second episode of 'Arnold Movie Month' Ricky and Bryan cover the 1990 Schwarzenegger classic "Total Recall"!  Tune in to hear loads of trivia, geeking out and as always Pop Culture References!  So Start the Reactor, tune in and enjoy!

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Kicking off 'Arnold movie month' the fellas clench tightly onto their magic tickets, and get sucked into the super fun 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Last Action Hero!  So tune in to hear what a train wreck this film was to make as well as tons of other trivia followed up with some fun geeking out over this underrated Arnold film!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_144_Last_Action_Hero.mp3
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This week the fellas start pumping some iron to bulk up and give you a CRASH COURSE in one of the most influential action movie heroes of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger!  So tune in and learn about his humble upbringing to his body building and movie careers and so much more!  Hasta la vista, baby!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_143_Arnold_BIO.mp3
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Once again the diabolical Bryan kidnaps Ricky and forces him to survive a series of real life survival scenarios- this time all situations you might find yourself in around your home!  Will Ricky be able to fight his way through some common household catastrophes, or will Bryan win in the end?  Tune in and find out!

Huge thanks Mark DiAngelo, CG Effex and Mike Koenig at and the folks at for the free sound effects!

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This week Bryan and Ricky dip into the old "Fan Grab Bag" to bring you episode ideas, requested by you fans, that might not be big enough for entire episodes of their own but work nicely as 3 bite-sized topics!  So join the guys as they discuss the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, the wacky old science of Phrenology and the hilarious world religion The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!  So tune in and keep the topic ideas coming!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_141_FanGrabBag_2.mp3
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Attention S-Mart shoppers! Bryan and Ricky abandon their cabin in the woods and head back to middle ages in this second half of their Evil Dead extravaganza!

Picking up where they left off with Sam Raimi's 1992 classic; Army of Darkness! So tune in to hear loads of trivia on the film as well as, a Bruce Campbell mini biography, The Evil Dead Musical, the 2013 remake and so much more!  

Hail to the 'Crash Course' baby!

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This week Bryan and Ricky head off to a lonely cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an ancient and evil podcast episode that discusses Sam Raimi's incredible 1981 film The Evil Dead and also the 1987 follow up Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn! 

Listen in as they discuss the first two films in this terrifying and hilarious movie saga with trivia on the films as well as a brief biography on the film's incredible director Sam Raimi!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_139_Evil_Dead_part1.mp3
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The guys have been institutionalized because they've gone MAD for this weeks topic!  That's right, it's a Crash Course in all things Mad magazine!  

So tune in to learn all about the magazine's history, as well as all the fun characters, spinoffs, television shows and different contributions it's given us over the years to make our lives that much more pleasant!

Now take a listen and join the MADness!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_138_Mad_Magazine.mp3
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It's the 5th Monday of the month so we're airing a fan favorite episode from our back catalogue... Our Crash Course in Shadow People!

Have you ever seen, out of the corner of your eye, a shadowy figure dart out of view?  Or maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night and seen a dark figure standing over you…?  If this sounds familiar you may have seen a SHADOW PERSON!
Ricky and Bryan delve into this strange, age-old topic and give you a run down of people’s encounters, possible explanations and even some personal stories!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_137_Shadow_People_Rerun.mp3
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This week Bryan and Ricky bring you a two-for-one North American creature feature! Learn about the history of the antler-headed Jackalope of the Wild West and also the lore behind the terrifying Native American cannibal creature The Wendigo!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_136_Jackalope_Wendigo2.mp3
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This week the boys get lost and find themselves giving you a review of the classic 80's vampire movie; The Lost Boys. So grab some garlic, clentch your stake and listen to Ricky and Bryan geek out over tons of trivia and 80's flare in this vampirific episode!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_135_Lost_Boys.mp3
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This week Bryan and Ricky dive deep into the world of Mermaids (and Mermen of course)!  From the earliest appearances in myths and legends to alleged sightings throughout history and even into some possible scientific explanations for Merfolk the guys cover it all! 

(And oh so many POP culture references!)

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_134_Mermaids.mp3
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This week the guys burst out their stone skin in excitement to talk about the amazing animated TV show Gargoyles! 

Not only do they discuss the show in its entirety, but they also give you a history lesson on the real stone Gargoyles you see on ledges of old cathedrals. 

So join Ricky and Bryan as they take a walk down memory lane and geek out about one of the best animated series to air on television!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_133_GARGOYLES.mp3
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Have you ever felt that weird sensation that what you're saying or doing has happened identically once before?  Well then you're in luck because this week the guys scratch their heads at a phenomena that pretty much everyone has felt; Deja Vu!  So tune in to hear all the different scientific and crazy theories to explain this sensation, as well as tons more info in this mind melting episode!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_132_DejaVu.mp3
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This week Bryan and Ricky bring you a brand new batch of Myths and Legends from all across Pop Culture!  From rumours of Elvis working for the CIA to the legend of the Original Tinman's death to Red Ranger Porn the guys answer all sorts of questions from Music, Movies, TV and even Video Games! 

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_131_Pop_Culture_Myths_2.mp3
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This week the guys welcome back seasoned International Sports Broadcaster Andy McNamara to the show as he once again quizzes Ricky and Bryan on Sports trivia!  Listen in as the fellas further prove how little they know about sports thanks to a childhood of watching cartoons and avoiding the outdoors!  And even if sports aren't your thing, there are TONS of hilarious moments as these 3 clowns get bantering!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_130_Sports2.mp3
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This week the guys review an old favorite film franchise from their childhoods; 1984's Gremlins and the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch!  So tune in to hear tons of trivia on the first and second film as well as a bit of history on the legendary creatures themselves!

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_129_Gremlins.mp3
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The boys are back in 2014 and to start things off right they’ve got an episode all about not only the mythical Yeti, but a list of other large hairy Bigfoot like creatures from around the world!  From the Skunk Ape to the De Loys Ape, the Yeren and the Yowie Bryan and Ricky bring you stories of reported sightings as well as possible explanations for these famous Cryptids! 

Direct download: CCIA_Ep_128_Yeti_and_Hairy_Hominids.mp3
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