Well it was going to happen eventually; this week the guys were hit with the perfect storm of scheduling problems and illness and were unable to record a new episode, so in lieu of just not posting anything at all we're posting an old favorite from the early days of the show all about the mysterious Minnesota Iceman!  Listen in as the guys discuss a strange hairy humanoid creature frozen in a block of ice that made the rounds of circus side shows in the 1960's and some possible theories about what this thing could have been or where it came from! And hang on till the end, as this time there's new ending featuring a long overdue list of thank you's to you the fans!  

Enjoy this old gem and seeya next week for another new episode!

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Have you ever seen, out of the corner of your eye, a figure dart out of view?  Or maybe you've woken up and seen a dark figure standing over you beside your bed...?  If this sounds familiar you may have seen a SHADOW PERSON! Ricky and Bryan delve into this strange, and age-old topic and give you a run down of people's encounters, possible explainations and even some personal stories! 

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In this second half of the guys' rundown of all things Transformers they 'Maximize' out of their Beast Forms and cover the 1990's rebirth of the brand with 'Beast Wars' up through the Michael Bay movies and cover the Transformers video games of the Past and Present!

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Transform from everyday vehicles into humanoid robot forms along side Bryan and Ricky as they give you a Crash Course in all things Transformers!  In this first of a 2 part series the guys discuss the earliest incarnations of the beloved Autobots and Decepticons and follow them through their 1980's highs and into their mid 90's lows!  From the toys to the comics to the legendary original cartoon and animated film it's all covered in today's episode! 

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