This week Bryan and Ricky give you a Crash Course in myths and legends surrounding certain movies and songs in pop culture!  So take a listen if you want to hear about a ghost spotted in a movie, a crime being recorded in a song or simply a time traveling old lady caught on film!

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Take shelter (with Bryan and Ricky) from the hundreds of animals falling from the sky as they talk about the strange phenomenon of when flightless animals fall down from the heavens!  From early historical accounts of frogs and fish plumeting down to possible explainations as to why this keeps happening through the ages, the guys cover it all! 

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Welcome listener to Crash Course in Awesome's 50th episode!!!  This week the boys delve deep into the dark realms of madness, and give an episode dedicated to all things Howard Philips Lovecraft; arguably one of the most influential Horror/Sci-Fi authors to ever pick up a pen.  So crack open your Necronomicon, whisper a quiet oath to the great Cthulhu and tune in!

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This week the guys swab the movie review poop deck as they give you a Crash Course in the Wes Anderson film "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"!  So set sail with your ears and take a listen!

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Come gawk at Ricky and Bryan as they give you a history of the Side Show!  From its classic beginnings with PT Barnum to its decline and then the Freak Show resurgance the guys explain it all, even featuring their very own 'best of' Ten in One Show counting down their favorite men and women that were classic Side Show attractions! 

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