In this latest installment of the Survival Series, Bryan puts Ricky through a number of real world survival scenarios! This time Ricky has to survive on a train and figure out how to save lives before a catastrophic end! 

Once again a huge thanks to Mike Koenig, Satish Madiwale and the guys over at and for the use of their sound effects!

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In this second in our 2 part series all about Doctor Who Ricky and Bryan bring you up to date with information on the 8th Doctor as well as the reboot of the series with the 9th through 11th Doctors and as a rundown of some noteworthy monsters and foes from the last 7 seasons!  So run you clever boys (and girls) and remember to listen to today’s episode in preparation for the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special!  Allons-y! 

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Bryan and Ricky are proud to FINALLY present to you a Crash Course in Doctor Who!  This first half gives you guys an introduction into the classic British Sci-fi television show that's been capturing the imagination of its audience for 50 years!  Part one will give you a run down of the first 7 Doctors as well as some of the key villains/monsters from the series with tons of trivia thrown in for good measure.  So nibble on a Jelly Baby (not Jelly Bellies like Ricky says), grab your Sonic Screwdriver and unlock this episode which is full of 'timey wimey' fun!  

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