Set sail with Bryan and Ricky to a tropical isle whose massive stone inhabitants have long stood, shrouded in mystery.

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Bryan and Ricky finish off their run down of ways outer space could destroy humanity!  Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays and a good old fashion Sun Death are all on the menu!  So hunker down in your lead-lined doomsday bunker and enjoy!

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Bryan and Ricky blast off in their escape pod to bring you the first episode in the series "How Space Can Kill Us"!  So calibrate your telescope and watch the skis... I mean skies, and prepare for a Crash Course in Earth crushing Asteroids!

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This week Bryan and Ricky "travel" deep into the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, to explore the legend of a terrifying creature that has been terrorizing its residents for the last 200 years... The Jersey Devil!   

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