Crank up the Little Richard and GET TO THE CHOPPA as Bryan and Ricky finish ‘Arnold Movie Month’ with their review of… PREDATOR! Tune in to hear about the making of the 1987 sci-fi/action classic, the sequels and the endless pop culture references!

And with that we want to wish you all a happy summer holiday as the guys are taking July and August off for a quick Summer Vacation!  Seeya in September!

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In this second episode of 'Arnold Movie Month' Ricky and Bryan cover the 1990 Schwarzenegger classic "Total Recall"!  Tune in to hear loads of trivia, geeking out and as always Pop Culture References!  So Start the Reactor, tune in and enjoy!

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Kicking off 'Arnold movie month' the fellas clench tightly onto their magic tickets, and get sucked into the super fun 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Last Action Hero!  So tune in to hear what a train wreck this film was to make as well as tons of other trivia followed up with some fun geeking out over this underrated Arnold film!

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