This is it folks, not only the final chapter in the Survival Series but this is episode #150, the final official episode of Crash Course in Awesome.  One last time Bryan puts Ricky through a series of real (and not so real) survival scenarios and Ricky has to fight his way through them to the final showdown with his tormentor: Bryan.   It’s a no holds barred slugfest to the end so tune in and enjoy!

(And just a heads up- you don’t NEED to have heard the previous episodes in this series to understand this episode but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to go back and give them a listen to pick up on some references!)

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On this second last episode of CCIA, the boys take a spooky step back in time and review the life and career of Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

With upwards of ten thousand investigations under their belt, Ed and Lorraine Warren paved the way in the paranormal investigative field and tackled some of the most popular hauntings in history!  The events of which have been fueling Hollywood with movie plots for nearly 40 years!

So sit back and get ready to get your Hallowe'en fix in this second last spook-tastic episode!

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