This week 'los niños' give you a Crash Course in the cryptid that's been sucking the blood of farm animals in South, Central and North America for the better part of 20 years! So lock up your goats and watch out for glowing red eyes in the night as you get a Crash Course in El Chupacabra!

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Fresh off the tiny heels of last week's episode about little mythical creatures Bryan and Ricky go the opposite way and give you an episode all about Giants!  From the giants of myth and history to absolutely huge human skeletons to giants living in our world today it's all covered in this week's episode!

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Do you smell corned beef and cabbage? It's probably because this week's a special St. Patty's day episode! So crack open a green beer and listen while the boys give you a Crash Course in some of the more interesting and lesser known Irish mythical creatures. *HICCUP*

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BATBOY BECOMES NEW HOST OF CRASH COURSE IN AWESOME!  Is what our headline might read if this episode description were featured on the cover of The Weekly World News!  Ricky and Bryan give you the rundown on this wonderfully fake weekly news paper!   Listen in to hear the paper's history, some favorite headlines and a history of their most famous mascot: BATBOY!

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