This week the fellas start pumping some iron to bulk up and give you a CRASH COURSE in one of the most influential action movie heroes of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger!  So tune in and learn about his humble upbringing to his body building and movie careers and so much more!  Hasta la vista, baby!

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In this week's electrifying episode Bryan and Ricky discuss a much requested topic: the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla!  From his early life to the war of the currents against Edison to his later years and a bunch of insane inventions the guys go through it all and shed some light onto one of human kind’s greatest innovators and a real life Mad Scientist!

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This week the guys celebrate one of the coolest actors/comedians to ever exist, Bill Murray!  From his early family life, to his S.N.L. days, and his awesome movie career highlights Bryan and Ricky gear up and geek out on all things Bill Murray! 

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This week the guys do a long deserved biography on one of the most incredible women in history: the world class adventurer Ameilia Earhart!  Listen in as Ricky and Bryan discuss her youth, her rise to fame as an aviator and her tragic and mysterious disappearance over the Pacific in 1937.  She was an awesome woman who lived an amazing life so strap in and enjoy!

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The boys give you a Crash Course on the amazing puppeteer Jim Henson!  So listen and learn a thing or two about an awesome man who inspired and entertained most, if not all of us at some point in our lives and who's vision still lives on today!

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The guys jibber jabber on (and pity fools) as they honour one of the most awesome men around: Mr T.  Listen in as they go over his humble beginnings, through his career highs and lows and who he's pitying now!

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